(aka: Exercises in Cognitive Dissonance)

This post was originally meant to be a list of things I know to be FALSE intellectually, and yet continue to believe on an emotional level. The articulation of that list was useful and important and too damn painful to share, I’m sorry to say. So what I’ve decided to do is direct your attention to the articles I’ve been reading that prompted this exercise.

Commenter Cimorene preaches it on IBTP’s “Scum: Not The Real Enemy

I think pretty, for me, is the most brain-splitting part of the world and my space in it. I hate pretty, for all the eloquent reasons Jill has laid out. I of course also hate being called pretty, because it calls attention to my status as sex class human, and reminds me of my own complicity in the patriarchy, both shaming and guilting me. But it also, mind bogglingly, makes me happy. It’s a real mindfuck to be gratified and horrified simultaneously because of the same flippant comment about how I “look so nice today.”