yoga and the quest for the true self

Paradoxically, without the experience of having been safely held and soothed, we cannot grow up enough to make the soother our adversary. We need the worthy opponent. We need to feel the effects of our own power in the world and to experience our own mastery. To acknowledge, experience, and bear reality — and finally, to bring it into perspective.

– Stephen Cope, Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, p. 288.

Blue Moon over Avon, NC 2012


If we allow ourselves to be ravished by the irrational we are compelled to face our own evil. Trust takes on a new dimension. In knowing our own darkness, we know what another’s darkness can release. We learn to forgive and love. Then, we don’t know from moment to moment what will happen next. As [the] Pashupats clearly understood — this is God’s country, not ours.